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Who can apply through DVE for a Dubai visa?
A. Any Passengers holding Indian PP, desiring to visit Dubai flying on any airlines, can apply for the visa from Dubai Visa Expert Processing Center.
Why You Should Choose Dubai visa service to process your visa application?
-You can travel with Any Airlines You chose To Fly.
-Quick Processing & Turnaround time.
How long does it take to process my visa application?
A. UAE Immigration is open Sunday - Thursday. Normal processing time will be 3-4 UAE business day
Is visa processing fees refundable?
A. No, If your application is refused the fees will not be refunded and a copy of refused letter will be provided to the client.
What would be visa validity to enter the U.A.E?
A. Validity to enter the UAE will be 30 days from the date of issue.
What happens when my visa is issued?
A. Once your visa is issued, The Electronic visa will be available online for printing and also we forward it to your email address provided on the file.
How to pay the fees?
A. You can wire transfer to our bank account, cash deposit in the bank or cash payment at the center.
Is UAE visa stamped in the passport?
A. UAE visa will be issued electronically and saved in computer system. Therefore, you need to take a print out of the electronic visa confirmation sent to you by email. Upon arrival in UAE you must proceed to eye scan desk before proceeding to immigration desk.
Is Dubai the capital city of UAE?
A. Abu Dhabi is the capital city and the largest of all the emirates (states) in the UAE. Dubai though is more famous due to its iconic structures and ever growing tourism industry.
What is the currency of UAE?
A. The local currency of UAE is AED (Arab Emirates Dirhams) that is also simply referred to as Dhs (Dirhams).